Arav helps the world

Aarav loves watching TV shows, reading books and playing video games. (Supplied)

Some people used their free time during the lockdown to learn a new hobby, nine-year-old Aarav from Wyndham Vale created an app.

Med-On-Go connects pharmacists to customers, allowing customers to order prescriptions and get them delivered directly to their homes.

It was during lockdown when Arav noticed a problem for those most vulnerable.

“If people are sick or old and they can’t get to the pharmacy and they don’t have any support to pick up their prescriptions, they can just use the app to order and get their medicines delivered,” Aarav said.

Arav began taking coding classes at BYJU’s FutureSchool during the pandemic, he said the skills he acquired will help him chase his dreams.

It took Arav eight weeks to create the app and his favourite part of the classes is “everything“.

“My teacher’s the best part and I like coding and doing the designs,” he said.

“I’ve built something that will help the world and now I want to build something that will help kids. I want to build gaming apps,” he said.

Arav said one day, he will also build a robot that can act as an at home teacher so kids can learn from home.

“I just want to build a robot that will help me relax,” he said.

Outside of coding, Arav loves watching TV shows, reading books and playing video games.

He hopes to one become a scientist and finally convince his mum to buy him either a Siberian husky or a golden retriever.