Amazing parks in Hobsons Bay

Curlew Community Park, Laverton. Pictures: Pictures: Joe Mastroianni

Playgrounds have long been a place for children to get outdoors and have some fun.

But the past couple of years have really highlighted their importance as community hubs.

While much of the state was locked down by coronavirus restrictions, local playgrounds were vital for children and their parents and caregivers to interact, explore and recharge.

Hobsons Bay is home to 233 parks, with 130 dedicated to family and social recreation activities, including 88 featuring playgrounds.

“Hobsons Bay has a truly unique public open space network,” said former mayor Jonathon Marsden.

“Almost one third of the geographic area of the Hobsons Bay municipality contains some type of open space.

“Not all of this is public land or accessible to the community but all of it contributes to the health and biodiversity of our special area.

“Council has worked hard to meet community needs and has upgraded many of our parks over the past couple of years, ensuring that our outdoor play areas evolve with our community, encouraging exercise, connection, creativity, exploration and fun.”