Carpet that is ideal for kids

Brease carpet is asthma and allergy-friendly, making it ideal for kids. (Picture: Supplied)

Do you have a child with asthma or allergies? If so, there’s a carpet named Brease that is well worth exploring, and it’s available exclusively at Choice Flooring, in this case the Sunbury store.

More about the Brease difference later … for now it’s worth noting that Choices Flooring Sunbury has been under new management since January, with its new managing director Matthew Payne a familiar face in store and around town.

Locally born-and-bred Matthew has notched up 10 years’ overall experience in the industry, bringing a passion to home decorating advice and positive customer experience.

Matthew’s skills are fully harnessed in the oversight of Choices Flooring Sunbury’s new showroom where an extensive range of floor coverings puts on a mighty fine display.

“We have flooring in carpet, timber, laminate and luxury vinyl, as well as our new hybrid range, Rigid,” says Matthew. “Rigid is the next-generation flooring technology, a waterproof hybrid of wood laminate and luxury vinyl in beautiful shades and grain patterns – perfect for rental properties and stylish homes alike.

“Carrying this type of flooring is a good example of how Choices Flooring stays ahead of the trends, exposing our customers to exceptional variety and quality.”

The store also offers a range of shutters and blinds, with the super-friendly team able to guide customers to the right choice for their home decor.

And installation? Matthew says that this is the most important stage in choosing the perfect flooring, so it’s good to know that the store has qualified installers ready to make everything go smoothly.


Specially developed to be asthma-and allergy-friendly, Brease carpet has been treated with innovative technology to prevent growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi.

Made of solution-dyed nylon that doesn’t shed fibres into the air, 15-year-guaranteed Brease has synthetic carpet backing that won’t support mould and mildew growth or rot like some other backings. Its shorter pile height means less potential for dust mite colonies, and ActiveCare treatment that absorbs and breaks down common odours like cigarette smoke, pets and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde.

Check out RoomView

Simply bring in a mobile phone/iPad photo of your room (showing two-thirds of clear floor space) to the showroom. RoomView will automatically apply your selected floor or rug to your room, giving you a realistic big-screen preview.

RoomView can also be easily used on Choices Flooring website, but choosing to go to the showroom in person allows you to view and feel the product and receive valuable advice from the team.

Choices Flooring, 71-73 Vineyard Road, Sunbury. Open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday; and 10am-3pm Saturday-Sunday. For more information or to book your free measure and quote, call 9744 2364 or visit