Diversity and fairness rule at centre

Caroline Springs Child Care and Kindergarten. (Picture: Supplied)

Following a lengthy period of our lives significantly impacted by Covid, Evet Beshara believes it’s time to get back to the important things in life. One of these important things, the Centre Director of Caroline Springs Child Care and Kindergarten, says, is the education of children.

“During the past year, our community has dealt with many issues of cultural disrespect, gender disrespect and lack of self-respect,” Ms Beshara says.

“At Caroline Springs Child Care and Kindergarten, we recognise the importance of teaching our children respect, self-worth and understanding of themselves – as individuals and members of the Caroline Springs community alike.

“We provide an environment where it’s safe for a child to express themselves, their interests, thoughts and needs. Our educators encourage children to initiate conversations about their many experiences, express their ideas and feelings, share humour with their teachers, educators, and peers and seek assistance as they take on new challenges and try to do things for themselves.”

Principles of equity, diversity and fairness are valued within the centre’s curriculum, and inclusive practices and family values are central to how it operates.

The educators’ own cultural and ethnic backgrounds combine a wealth of culture, helping children to understand themselves in relation to their family, community and other cultures.

“Indeed, between us,” Ms Beshara says, “we can communicate in more than a dozen languages and many dialects. We seek to celebrate cultural events throughout the year, from St Patrick’s Day to Holi, from Easter to Ramadan.

“Even our seasonal menu – endorsed by Nutrition Australia – seeks to reference dishes from across the globe. As well, we have a comprehensive vegetarian menu and get our meat from a Halal-certified butcher.”

Ms Beshara has much confidence that the Centre is perfect for the education of children, and a place to understand and respect themselves, and to recognise and respect differences in others. “Every child is celebrated for their uniqueness.”

Caroline Springs Child Care and Kindergarten, 1, The Crossing, Caroline Springs. Opens 6.30am-6.30pm Monday-Friday. Enquiries: 9363 7622 or www.littleflyers.vic.edu.au