Building tomorrow’s future

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The Australian International Academy of Education is dedicated to the provision of high-quality education for students from Foundation to Year 12. Australian International Academy (AIA) is an International Baccalaureate school offering the programmes at all three campuses in Melbourne as well as the local Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

The programmes allow AIA to enhance its local curriculum and to achieve its mission of developing productive Australian Muslim citizens who will help to create a better and more humane world through intercultural understanding and respect.

The Australian International Academy of Education works on the belief that each child is a unique individual. It strives to deliver a quality education to students in a nurturing, enriching, comfortable and safe learning environment in pursuit of academic and spiritual excellence.

The Academy offers a broad and a well-balanced curriculum with global perspectives to students in primary, secondary and post-secondary schooling.

AIA’s vision is one that focuses on students being well-prepared and self-motivated to help create a better and more humane world and to be active lifelong learners. Its programs, including sporting and extracurricular activities, focus on changing students’ attitudes, building motivation, and inspiring a culture of creative thinkers. The goal is to prepare our students for the challenging future ahead. As a school, it encourages positive relationships, and staff, students, and parents, work tirelessly together in partnership to continually improve the school in all aspects of learning.

AIA promotes intercultural understanding and a vision to inspire character and leadership where its values are central to the students’ learning experiences. Students are encouraged to cultivate a global perspective and outlook on their life; constantly seeking to broaden their horizons in a spirit of tolerance, compassion, and co-operation with one another – and with others outside of the school environment.

The Academy’s caring and experienced teachers are committed to providing a high standard of work and quality education. They embrace a forward looking and supportive teaching methodology that differentiates instruction so that all students can achieve their best educational outcome.

Australian International Academy, 56 Bakers Road, North Coburg. Enquiries: 9350 4533 or